New Beginnings

Today is the first day of 2015…wow, where did 2014 go? It always seems to be that way though. At the end of something-anything really-I usually have the feeling that it went by really quickly. Once Thanksgiving hits, it seems like everybody wakes up to the fact that the year is almost over. People wake up at age 75 and can’t believe how fast their lives have gone by. But just ask a middle-school kid how fast their lives are moving and they will probably tell you its taking forever to grow up. When we are young we want to be older and in turn when we are older we want to be younger. But the truth of the matter is, we have no control of how fast time moves in our lives. The only thing we can control is how we spend our time. In December of 2013, I wrote out a list with my wife of goals for 2014. The list included items like “lose weight,” “exercise consistently,” and “make new friends,” and “paint a painting.” I can honestly say that I didn’t fail at losing weight and exercising–because I didn’t even try. However, I did make a few new friends and reconnect with some old friends. Some progress was made in some important relationships. And last night (New Year’s Eve) at 10pm I finally succeeded at finishing a painting. Check that off the list! But the truth is I waited until about 9:30pm to start the painting with some children’s paint and old brushes I found lying around my house. That is not exactly what I had in mind last December when I set that goal. You see, it’s sometimes easy to complete a goal so we can check it off the list, but it is always more difficult to fulfill our intentions behind the goal because that takes more time. I realize the single biggest reason I didn’t achieve some of my goals is because I simply failed to spend time pursuing them. Even the 30 minutes I spent painting last night was not enough to yield a truly fulfilling result. Can you imagine the outcome if I spent 30 minutes a day working on that painting all year?

This year, I want to spend my time more intentionally. Instead of just planning out days, weeks, and months and constantly watching the clock, I want to savor moments and be fully present in those moments. I want to look back on the year next December and be thankful for the time and be content with how I spent it. Of course, I’m not going to spend every minute of every day only doing things that I find incredibly interesting and amazing. I will work, I will take out the trash, I will mow grass and drop off mail. I will write checks to pay bills I think are too much and I will clean my house. But I want to do those things with a good attitude and with people I care about. I want to spend more time updating this blog, sharing ideas and pursuing my dreams. I want to spend time doing meaningful things. I want to do meaningless things with people who matter. I want to slow down and enjoy the minutes, hours and days I have planned.

How do you plan to spend time doing things that matter this year?


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